It Was Great to Learn About This from a Coworker

I felt kind of silly that I was a grown woman and really did not understand my phone well. I use it to make calls, and a friend has texted me on it a few times. I take photos with it, but beyond that, I really did not understand much else about how to use it, save my data or anything else. This is when I decided to google “how to backup iphone” after a coworker forwarded an email to me about it.

I had been telling my coworker that I felt kind of powerless with my phone. Kids seem to pick up on all the ins and out so quickly. But I do not have any children of my own, so I am not around any in order to watch and learn from them. I just wanted to be able to save the hundred or so contacts in my phone so that I would have them on hand in case something happens to my Android phone. She told me that I do not need kids around to learn about something that is pretty simple. The answer is as easy as the Internet. It was there that she learned about a program that you can use that lets you back everything up properly

I decided to get the software myself and try it out. There was no time spent needing to read a long manual or any other type of confusing instructions. Just a few clicks of some buttons, and the data transferred over seamlessly. It felt good knowing that I could do something so simply. My only other option would have been to try doing it on my own for a few hours by going through each contact and handwriting them down somewhere. There’s just no need to waste that much time when you can do it all in mere minutes.